提供一個廣闊的交流平台。 著意把紅酒文化在香港普及化及正確化,
The association aims to provide a broad platform for the Chinese
and foreign red wine connoisseurs, the wine merchant, the
vineyards and the industry’s practitioners to communicate. Also,
the association strives to promote the wine culture to the Hong
Kong’s public and to inculcate the right and comprehensive wine
knowledge through a light-hearted training scheme with wine
tasting, fine wine selection and differentiation.
Meanwhile, as an import, promotion, preservation, transaction
platform, we hope to lead the potential China market by the
cultural exchange and affiliation opportunity
近年品嚐紅酒文化普及, 普羅大眾有很多機會參與各類紅酒活動如西九美食節(Wine and Dine Festival)或波爾多國際葡萄酒暨烈酒展(Vinexpo)等展覽。加上近年歐債影響, 紅酒收藏家均低價割愛傾銷,紅酒價格亦有所調整, 引起紅酒投資者及大眾關注了解紅酒投資(Wine Investment), 均想認識紅酒投資概念,必引發另類投資潮流。此外, 很多公司機構都會鼓勵員工參與紅酒課程(Wine Course),甚至包場上課作為公司活動(Tailor Made Wine Event), 務求順應品酒潮流,和客戶們增添話題、以酒會友、亦可作員工交流活動,促進員工之間關係。有見及此, 香港紅酒協會大力推廣紅酒文化, 包括各類紅酒活動如試酒會(Wine Tasting Workshop), 亦會提供一系列紅酒課程(品酒班)(Wine Tasting Course),大受紅酒愛好者及有興趣進軍紅酒業人士等歡迎,不少參加者更是跨境從中國大陸到來。協會過往曾經為不少國際公司、大學、政府部門及銀行等舉辦紅酒課程。我們亦歡迎各公司機構包場上品酒班, 或上門為大家度身訂造一晚或一系列的品酒活動.
詳情請致電: 8109 8233 或電郵:[email protected]” target=”_blank” style=”margin: 0px; outline: none; padding: 0px; color: rgb(204, 51, 0); border: none; font-size: medium;”>[email protected]查詢。
Wine Culture is so popular recent years, there are varieties of wine tasting activities, like ‘Wine & Dine Festival’ or ‘Vinexpo’ for the general public. Moreover, the price of wine has been lowered due to the Eurozone Crisis, as a result, it initiates a trend of wine investment. And it definitely leads to an interest of investors and public to learn more about the concept of wine investment.
Also, more organisation would like to encourage their employees to take part in the wine courses, they may even organize some tailor-made wine event so as to go with the growth of wine trend. They believes it helps to boost the affiliation opportunities with their customers because their employees will have more topics with the customers, and also, it may help in developing the relationship among the crew.In view of this wine trend, Wine Association of Hong Kong has organized some Wine Tasting Workshops and Wine Tasting Courses to promote the wine culture. The aforesaid activities have successfully attracted the wine amateur and those people who are interested in the industry, some of the participants are even come from mainland China and worldwide. * Wine Association of Hong Kong has set up a series of wine workshops for multinational, universities, government departments and banks.
We sincerely welcome your organization to join our wine workshops or we can even exclusively tailor-made any one night or a series of wine tasting events per your request. For more information, please contact us on 8109 8233 or visit our website:[email protected]” target=”_blank” style=”margin: 0px; outline: none; padding: 0px; color: rgb(204, 51, 0); border: none;”>[email protected] Thank you.

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